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Academic Year 2014/2015

Fall & Fall/Winter Term Courses (2014/15)
Biochemistry 1
Biology and Human Concerns
Buddhist Traditions
Cells & Cellular Processes
Concepts in Science
Disability Studies 1
Financial Accounting
Foundations of Chemistry
Integrating Ancient World into School Curriculum
Intro Microeconomics
Intro to Chemical Properties of Matter
Latin America
Organic Chemistry 1
Sociology of Medicine
Survey of Canada to 1939
World History
Winter Term Courses (2015)
Beginner Latin for Teachers
Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity
Intermediate Biochem II
Intro Macroeconomics
Managerial Accounting
Organic Chemistry II
Theorizing Disability
Spring Term Courses (2015)
Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity
Conflict in the Family
Global History of Slavery, Indentured Labour & Sexuality since 1700
Greeks, Romans and Popular Culture
History of Women in Modern World: Prostitution
Revolutionary Responses to Climate Change
Sex Trafficking: Global to Local
Topics in Russian and Soviet History
US 1929-1988: Race in the American City
Global College
Climate Change & Human Displacement (2012)
Democracy & Human Rights in Latin America (2011)
Development, Indigenous Property & Extraction (2012)
Disability Studies: (Re)Imagining Disability (2011)
From Terrorism to Arab Spring (2012)
Migration & Development - Philippines(2010)
Migration & Human Rights
Terrorism & Peaceful Transformation(2010)
Women & Climate Change (2012)
Indigenous Development
Wayfinders & Indigenous Development
Chem Lab